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Gear list

Drum Kit

DW Drums collectors series pure purpleheart

8x6.5 10x7 12x8 14x13 16x14 18x16 Toms

24x18 22x18 18x14 Kicks

Snare drums

14x6.5 Frankenstein DW/pdp 3mm Aluminium snare with cast iron hoops

13x4.5 Collectors signature snare


Paiste cymbals:

17" 18" 20" 2002 crashes

18” 2002 china

20" 2002 novo china

22" RUDE signature white mega bell ride

14" 2002 sound edge hi-hat 

16" RUDE crash/ride over 16” 2002 crash hi-hats

5.5" 2002 cup chime

10" Pstx swiss splash over 16” 2002 china

14" RUDE blast china

16" Pstx swiss crash over 14” pst7 china

10” 900 series splash

10" 2002 splash

​22” Masters swish



DW9000 Hi-hat stand

DW9000XF Single pedal

DW9002XF Double pedal 

DW9002XF Double pedal for satellite bass drum

DW9000 Remote hi-hat


DW 9120AL


Gibraltar rack


Aquarian drumheads

Clear Super 2 over Clear Hi-frequency on toms 8"-14"

Clear Super 2 over Classic clear on toms 16"-18"

Texture coated w/ Power dot 14" over Hi-performance snare side 14"

Texture coated w/ Power dot 13" over Hi-performance snare side 13"

Super kick I 18" 22" 24" over Force II Gloss white resonant 18" 22" 24"


ProMark Classic attack 2B shira kashi oak 

Gear: Välkommen
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